Venus BB Academy

Venus Beauty Bar stands as an exceptional Academy that aims to empower women through a diverse range of over 10 beauty classes. With a strong focus on personal and professional growth, Venus provides individuals with the essential tools, skills, and knowledge required to kick-start a successful career in the beauty industry.

At the helm of Venus Beauty Bar is the remarkable Jessica Aguilar, the CEO who embodies passion, dedication, and a genuine desire to uplift women.


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Our work

Our collaboration with Venus Beauty Bar & Academy has been ongoing since 2020, and we have played a significant role in helping Jessica bring her vision of an exceptional academy to life. With our support, Jessica has been able to establish an academy that offers a wide range of treatments and comprehensive trainings, making it truly one-of-a-kind in Bakersfield.

Through our collaboration, we have witnessed the positive impact of Venus Beauty Bar & Academy as it continues to transform the lives of aspiring beauty professionals.


300 new educated therapists I  Introduction of new services and trainings I  Advertising: 3-4x ROI I  30% social media growth

Let’s create a brand that gets seen, loved and remembered.

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