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We opened Creative2 Agency out of passion for beauty business. We got the chance to be in-charge team of one of the biggest beauty academies in the world and we proved to the world and to ourselves what can be done.

We also know how hard it is to run a business and we know that every dollar counts. That’s why we have a HUGE RESPECT for our clients and their businesses and we never take them for granted.

We are here for our customers and we want to see your brand growing, because we are also growing with you!

We are excited for new projects and hope your project is one of them..send us a message & let’s connect.

Get to know us

Let’s get to know each other: At Creative2 Agency, we are all about building meaningful relationships.

Sabina Kramarič

Senior Designer

– Professional Photographer
– Graphic designer

– 2D & 3D Visualisation
– Videographer
– Video Producer
– UX & UI Design
– Content creation

Uroš Novak

Marketing Director & CEO

– Marketing expert
– Conversion specialist
– Sales funnel optimisation
– Sales funnel automatization
– Online course producer
– Sales manager
– Video producer

Aida Sadiković

Creative Director & CEO

– Graphic designer
– 2D & 3D Visualisation
– Packaging design
– UX & UI Design
– Content creation
– Website designer
– Video Producer


 Mutual Respect

Respectful relations are core of good business. We have respectful relationships with all our clients.

 Deliver or don’t promise

We take deadlines very seriously. We always deliver agreed results before the deadline or we inform our clients about extended terms.

Communication is the key

Better safe than sorry. Communication with our clients is always a priority to assure outstanding results.

 Push to the limit

We are not Bruce the almighty, so we have our limits. However, if there is something we don’t know we always find comparable solution.

 Planning next step

Ok, we did this, what is next? That should always be the question. Planning is everything in business.

 Satisfied clients

We give our soul to every project. Our client’s satisfaction is a priority to Creative2 Agency.

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